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Отключение Adblue мочевины на грузовом и коммерческом транспорте при помощи эмуляторов. Работает на DAF, Volvo, Renault, Scania, MAN и других автомобилях.

Our Prounit Adblue emulator guarantees your vehicle will continue to work with full engine power available and no warning lights. When you visit the dealer service workshop this is no problem. Our emulator device is invisible to diagnostic scanners. The emulator allows you to disable the SCR system without compromising engine operation or fuel economy. You can use the emulator to switch on or switch off the original SCR system by simply connecting or disconnecting the emulator power supply. If you disable SCR using other methods such as reprogramming the vehicle control systems you can often encounter workshop or warranty disputes. Fitting our emulator helps prevent these disputes. Our experts have developed the perfect error free communication protocols between the emulator and the vehicle systems. This means full engine power is avilable and fuel economy is maintained. OLD_CAN_EMOur engineers at prounit are experts in their field and have over 8 years experience designing and developing SCR system emulators. Our devices can simulate the SCR system operation for most of the common SCR systems fitted to trucks, buses and plant machines the world over. We are also happy to develop new solutions for unusual or new vehicle types. Adblue liquid may also be referred to as DEF fluid or SCR fluid in different countries around the world. Our emulators use complex mathematical models to reproduce the correct signals and data. Typically we read this data from the can bus and then after processing send modified data back to the vehicle using the same communication methods. In addition to the products in our standard catalog we are happy to develop custom products and firmware for rare or new vehicle types. Recent special developments have included Daewoo, Nissan UD, GOLAZ buses and plant machinery from LIEBHERR and TEREX. As with many other successful companies the key ingredient to our success is our staff. Our engineers are expert in their fields including programming, information networks, mathematical modeling, circuit design and computer diagnostics to name but a few. This combined knowledge has allowed us to become the market leader in SCR system emulators all around the world.