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Рассказываем о новинках в мире автомобильной электроники. Обновленные версии эмуляторов для отключения мочевины, новости в мире грузового и коммерческого транспорта и многое другое.

Start selling the new version of AUTO PASS

The company ProUnit began selling a new, improved version of the AUTO PASS emulator, already familiar to owners of cargo and passenger vehicles and proved to be a reliable, durable device. The new version of AUTO PASS from the previous one features the possibility of reinstalling any supported brand on the car. Now the emulator […]

Save on fuel with the new Banana Japana V3 or we will refund your money!

For owners of cars of Renault and VOLVO with exhaust gas after treatment system, is already disabled legacy versions of our emulators, and also copies of our emulators and emulators third party, the opportunity for further savings. Over the years our experts have identified the indicators of the optimal temperature of the catalyst. Practice has […]

Special version for TEREX equipment

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the emulator AutoPass for special equipment of TEREX. This version will be supplied on request from our dealers in the regions.

CAN PASS V2 for cars VOLVO FH4 EURO 4 and EURO 5

We are pleased to inform You that the emulator CAN PASS V2 FH4 version 0605 passed the road test on the car. In this version fixed bug on small Adblue consumption rate during long-term operation without killing the engine. This emulator can be installed on the VOLVO FH4 and Renault T.

Emulator Blue PASS KAMAZ!

We are pleased to report you about releasing of the new emulator BLUE PASS for the KAMAZ trucks with KAMAZ engines (COMMON RAIL) with Bosch Denoxtronic 2.0 SCR.It works with all the dosing modules Bosch Denoxtronic 2.0 type. It fully emulates all work processes of dosing system, including operation of the NOx sensor.  

“Frozen” from CHK Motors!

Today we have received this “Miracle freezing!” from our dealers! Of course we have got it after trying to switch off with this “box” AdBlue system on the Chinese truck. As it turned out after opening, this device has a pair of resistors and a Chinese emulator inside. On the photo below […]

Emulator for the BOSCH DeNOx SCR!

 The new version of emulator CAN PASS V2 for engine with SCR BOSCH DeNOx 2.2! This device fully emulates the SCR BOSCH DeNOx 2.2. This dosing module is showed on the picture. CAN PASS V2 BOSCH fully emulates all functions of the dosing module and NOx sensor. Make all diagnostic tests of SCR. Can use for Chinese […]

The new version of emulator CAN PASS V2 for engine Cummins!

The new version of emulator CAN PASS V2 for engine Cummins! This device fully emulates the EcoFit UA2 (Cummins) dosing module. CAN PASS V2 CUMMINS fully emulates all functions of the dosing module and NOx sensor. Make all diagnostic tests of SCR.

The new emulator Banana Japana!

The new emulator Banana Japana! It’s fully automatic emulator like the Auto PASS. The programming isn’t required! The only difference from Auto PASS emulator is schematic diagra, low power consumption – 10 mA, It can connect this emulator to terminal 30. The price is lower 1,5 times like Auto PASS.

Once again Cummins and the new device

We are pleased to announce the new emulator BLUE PASS, which is done a specially for engines Cummins. It works with all the dosing modules Emitec (Grundfos) type. Cars: AVIA, CAMC, FAW, DAF LF (Cummins), FORD, MAZ zubrenok, as well as buses YOTONG, HAGER, KingLong, MAZ and many others. If you have this dosing module, […]