Start selling the new version of AUTO PASS

The company ProUnit began selling a new, improved version of the AUTO PASS emulator, already familiar to owners of cargo and passenger vehicles and proved to be a reliable, durable device.

The new version of AUTO PASS from the previous one features the possibility of reinstalling any supported brand on the car. Now the emulator is not attached to one brand of the car on which it was activated.

In addition, the device added a diagnostic mode with LEDs. It will facilitate the task of quickly checking the correctness of the deactivation of the SCR system and the correct operation of the emulator on the car, as well as the operability of the CAN bus.
This function was evaluated already by the service stations with which we work.

And, finally, the main advantage of the new version of the emulator – the device will help to save fuel on cars of popular brands. This our engineers have achieved by maintaining the optimum temperature of the catalyst.