Exclusive Banana Japana emulator V3.2 for Daewoo EURO 5


Our company released a special version of the emulator Japana Banana for buses and trucks Daewoo environmental class EURO 5.

The previous version of the emulator did not support EURO 5 and focused on the EURO 4 system. It is possible to talk about a new generation of field proven electronic device Japana Banana. On cars ecological class EURO 5, the engine control unit through a system of neutralization of exhaust conducts a thorough control of the amount of injected urea solution. img_7215

The specialists of our math Department has created a high-precision model, perfectly imitating the whole process of injection of the AdBlue solution and the values of NOx. This allows our device to accurately work on these vehicles.

Price of the device is in the same price range with the devices of competitors, with all emulators series Banana Japana are completely original, like all electronics companies ProUnit. In addition, Banana Japana V 3.2 does not increase the fuel consumption. This disadvantage is specific to the products of competitors.