Universal device for Nissan UD Truck EURO 4 and EURO 5

The ProUnit company offers to Your attention a new device of its own design already a favorite with our customers series Banana Japana V3.2 for heavy trucks, Nissan Truck UD series ecological system EURO 4 and EURO 5.



Emulator this version universal for this brand of cars with VOLVO engines D7, D11, D13, including a diesel particulate filter DPF and sensor quality urea, one or two NOx sensors.


The emulator will automatically detect the configuration of the installed equipment and will immediately join the work.
The base of this firmware is the version of the software a unique development of our company DUAL PASS VOLVO EURO 6.

All devices are offered in automotive electronics company ProUnit are copyright and original – this allows you to fix the price of the emulator at the manufacturer level. All devices are tested by qualified experts. Each warranty three years!

Attention! In recent years, cases of copying and counterfeiting of our devices to third-party organizations from Russia and other countries. Be careful when selecting emulators. Contact the manufacturer directly!