Save on fuel with the new Banana Japana V3 or we will refund your money!

For owners of cars of Renault and VOLVO with exhaust gas after treatment system, is already disabled legacy versions of our emulators, and also copies of our emulators and emulators third party, the opportunity for further savings.

Over the years our experts have identified the indicators of the optimal temperature of the catalyst. Practice has shown that throttle response and fuel consumption are highly dependent on these parameters. New Banana Japana emulator V3 with 100% accuracy reproduces all the values of the ideal system. This allowed us to optimize fuel consumption and increase the throttle response of the car.

You can save 2-3 litres of fuel per 100 kilometers, just replacing the old emulator to the new Banana Japana V3.

You can independently verify the correctness of the indicators of a temperature mode of catalyst in the absence of error PPID386 (exhaust gas temperature Sensor before SCR catalytic Converter). This procedure can be done without a scan tool via the diagnostic menu of the car in the section of the fault system EMS.

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To replace the old emulator to the new Banana Japana V3 with an additional discount, You can contact the dealer in Your area. To register and learn details of the action You can by phone +7-961-180-92-01.